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Inside the Hotel Terme Internazionale guests can take the opportunity to take advantage of a pleasant holiday period to learn how to respect their body more effectively, with specific aesthetic treatments, slimming and anti-cellulite treatments.

Like the unique and brand-new "Lympho Digit" method, thanks to a unique American technique combined with the effectiveness of our thermal waters, is able to make you appreciate the first results already at the first session.


Scopri i nostri pacchetti

Slimming treatment for waist measure

3 Endospheres treatments
3 Body Massages with cream (25 min.)
€ 204,00

"Regenerating" Package

1 massage "Ayurveda"
1 therapeutic massage (55 min.)
1 "Stone Therapy" Massage
€ 171,00

Chocolate therapy

Chocolate therapy uses all the properties of Cocoa and Chocolate for Beauty and Well-being. Its many properties work both on the body and on the mind: the scent of chocolate goes to stimulate endorphins (wellness hormones) giving a feeling of well-being and peace. The nutrient properties of cocoa butter moisturize the skin leaving it soft and compact.

Vanilla Massage

When you want to tone or strengthen your body.

Endospheres therapy

Is a brand new method to fight cellulite, redefine body contours, harmonize volumes and shapes. It is immediately apparent that this treatment, in addition to well-being, restores the proper tissue function. Endospheres therapy is performed with a device that produces compressive microwaving, transmitted to the area to be treated by a cylindrical handpiece, the heart of the device, which houses 55 rotating spheres.


It is a life science that allows the body to mind and spirit to protect itself from illness and to cure when they condition the state of health.
Ayurvedic treatment is a form of special massage which, through the use of essential oils, tends to restore the psycho-physical balance, giving to those who receive a strong feeling of well-being and relaxation. This type of treatment works directly on the three forces that govern our bodies DOSHA (vata, pitta, kapha) through the CHAKRA (vital energy centers).


It is an ayurvedic massage technique which, by stimulating marshmallows (similar to acupuncture points) through bags containing special herbs or flowers in a warm oil tends to favor the natural release of tensions, contractures, states Of general illness. In addition, the action of the oil heat will also aid the soothing and soothing action of rheumatic pains in general.

Stone Therapy

It is a technique always derived from ayurvedic science and utilizing the use of hot basalt stones or cold-sanding stones that suitably use on areas of the body affected by particular problems improve the psycho-physical state of health. Massage made with basalt stones is indicated for those with circulatory problems, like the other hot therapies tends to dissolve tension, muscular problems due to bad postural habits, soothing for some forms of rheumatic, very relaxing and relaxing.
Massage performed with cold stones is well-suited for the treatment of acute inflammatory states where no other hot and manual therapy can be used. Then the vasoconstrictory action of the cold tends to solve lymphatic problems by increasing the flow of the lymph with a draining action.


Halfway between a steam bath and a Finnish sauna, the biosauna - also called sanarium - naturally uses the regenerating and purifying properties of heat, but never reaches too high temperatures. The biosaun never exceeds 60 ° C, for a warm, comfortable feel but not overwhelming. Same argument for the humidity level that in the biosauna does not exceed about 50-60%. The gentle warmth bath allows the skin to breathe and circulation to react without trauma, obtaining all the classic sauna benefits including the elimination of toxins, such as harmful uric acid and purines, which are disposed of via the Sweat, and eliminate dead skin cells, which will then appear softer shiny, as reborn.

Emotional shower sensory stimulation

This special treatment consists of an uncommon shower that relies on the relaxing or energizing properties of water, colors and aromas, to stimulate the senses by providing pleasant sensations that positively affect the psychic well-being. The massage that the water does on the body aims to dissolve the muscular tension, especially those of the spine. The effect of water varies depending on temperature: a hot air jet, in fact, has the purpose of relaxing, while cold has revitalizing properties. As for color, the shower refers to chromotherapy, that is to the beneficial properties of the colors, so the showers are equipped with LEDs that emanate different colors, possibly changing during the shower. Even in this case the colors have a different effect on our body: if the blue is soothing and refreshing, the red gives strength and strength; Orange transmits positive feelings and emotions, such as cheerfulness; Green gives balance, serenity and concentration. The emotional shower has no contraindications, so anyone can undergo treatment, only benefiting from it!

Thermal Cave: * Intense sweating

An impressive, humid, warm, saturated, warm-air environment, perfect for the vasodilatory process, muscle relaxation and skin purification. The effect that you want to produce with this type of treatment is: intense sweating that favors the elimination of metabolic waste, performs a detoxifying action, activates the circulation and tonifies the whole organism. When in a room (at ... ... temperature) the vapor content is higher than the amount of water present in the epidermis, a layer of moisture is formed on the skin that brings heat to the body. The simultaneous controlled steam and heat action helps the lymphatic blood circulation dissolve the toxins and favor its expulsion. Practical to all ages is an excellent regulator of pressure and an indispensable therapeutic and preventive tool for respiratory disturbances.

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